Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Master of Arts in Religion.

Student’s Name : Linet Nabutola

Mt. Elgon Forest ecosystem is termed a biodiversity hotspot and is home to globally threatened species making it a priority for species conservation. Mt. Elgon Forest encompass distinctive human communities with different cultural and religious beliefs that have a bearing on the forest’s ecosystem in diverse ways. The study sought to investigate how these religious activities affected floral diversity in Mt. Elgon Forest.

Master of Arts in Comparative Literature.

Student’s Name : Waswa Wabuyaka Dennis.

This study examines aesthetics and performance in the construction of meaning in circumcision songs. A corpus of selected circumcision songs collected from Lubukusu speakers of Bungoma County was used in this study. The motivation behind the study was that prior studies gave little attention to aesthetics especially around the Bukusu circumcision songs. It was therefore imperative to examine the songs in order to unearth how aesthetics and performance enhance the construction of meaning.

Master of Arts in Comparative Literature.

Student’s Name : Neema Natasha Simiyu

The Babukusu cultural practices entail various forms of oral literature that define them in relation to their customs and beliefs. Chants are one of the many sub-genres of oral literature used by Babukusu community performed during traditional rituals in relation to culture and beliefs. Various chants are performed by various special chanters in relation to the event and the context at hand. They are also used in rites of passage, religious practices and promotion of ranks within Babukusu leadership.

Master of Arts in Comparative Literature.

Student’s Name : Nyongesa Namukuru Milcah

This study focuses on role and influence of adult figures on children’s character formation in the selected children’s literary texts in Kenya. Using the texts; Uncle Sese, The Sunday School Project, Naomi and Cindy Naomi and the Cannibals and Naomi in her New School, the study aims at identifying different contexts that give rise to adult figures creating the ground for interaction and socialization with children.

Master of Arts in Comparative Literature.

Student’s Name : Levi Wafula Wekesa

The study is an examination of Tricksterism and Subversion in the selected plays by Francis Imbuga. The study aims at interrogating how Francis Imbuga explores tricksterism and subversion as a means of addressing social political issues affecting members of the society. The study examines Francis Imbuga’s Aminata (1988), The Burning of Rags (1989) and The Return of Mgofu (2011).

Master of Arts in Comparative Literature.

Student’s Name : Wasilwa Machuma Sylvia

This work explores the aesthetic import of children’s play songs among the Bukusu of Bungoma County, Kenya. Children find pleasure in learning through imitation of societal virtues; this lies in the process of imitation, implying that as these children perform the play songs, they simultaneously acquire societal values at the same time they find pleasure in the composition and performance of the play songs.

Master of Arts in Comparative Literature.

Student’s Name : Nekesa Sylvia Rabeca

There is nothing permanent except change. It is present in all fields of life including literature. Advancements in Information and Communications Technology and the emergence of new forms of orality such as stand-up comedy, online jokes and parodies have given rise to emergent or new literatures. This study is an examination of the transient nature of orature.