Faculty of Science


Master of Science Applied Mathematics

Student’s Name : Rhoda Machuma Mamuli

Symmetry of a differential equation is a transformation that maps any solution to another solution of the system. In Lie’s framework such transformations are groups that depend on continuous parameters and consist of point transformations or point symmetries acting on the systems space of independent and dependent variables. Lie groups and its infinitesimal generators can be naturally prolonged to act on the space of independent variables. In this thesis, we present Lie symmetry analysis to solve a non-linear ordinary differential equation of an electric power flow model.

Master of Science In Statistics

Student’s Name : Everlyne Nyangano Amwayi

Performance contracting (PC) in Kenya can be traced back to 1993 when the government started implementing public sector reforms, Kenya’s Vision 2030 has recognized Pamong the key strategies to strengthening public administration and service delivery. In public secondary schools, the teachers have to undergo a continuous Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) which forms part of the Performance Contract that the Principal signs as a binding agreement between the school and the government.

Master of Science Physics

Student’s Name : Mukanda Kere Wanyama

Naturally occurring radioactivity has existed in our environment since the creation of the earth. 238U, 232Th and 40K radionuclides are found in significant concentrations in soils. These radionuclides pose exposure risks which can lead to health related problems like lung cancer and bone cancer especially when they exceed the recommended safety limits. A radiological assessment of 238U, 232Th and 40K in the top soils of Ahero paddy fields of Kisumu County was done using NaI(TI) gamma ray spectroscopy.

Master of Science Physics

Student’s Name : Churchill Oduor Wanyera

Superconductivity is the state of a material characterized by close to zero dc electrical resistance, hence infinite conductivity by the material, when the temperature of the material is lowered below the critical temperature () in a zero magnetic field strength. There are two categories of superconductors; s-wave superconductors that are isotropic and d-wave superconductors that are anisotropic. The microscopic theory of superconductivity by Bardeen, Schrieffer and Cooper (BCS theory) explains s-wave pairing of charges under ambient pressure but it fails to explain charge pairing under high pressure. Studies have shown that superconductivity in hydrides is due to electron-phonon mediation.

Master of Science Physics

Student’s Name : Wabomba Jasper Sifuna

Natural radioactivity levels and radiation risks due to fallow and agricultural soils of Trans- nzoia County was measured. Trans-nzoia County is one of the counties in Kenya known for large-scale maize farming. This study analyzed natural radioactivity and radionuclides distribution in fallow and agricultural soils in Trans-nzoia County. Limited research had been done to assess the radiation levels due to primordial and anthropogenic processes in Trans- Nzoia County. The activity concentration levels of natural radionuclides (232Th, 238U, and 40K) in soil samples were analyzed using NaI (TI) gamma-ray spectrometry methods.

Doctor of Philosophy Physics

Student’s Name : Khamala Geoffrey Wanjala

The unprecedented increase in anthropogenic activities coupled with the prevailing climatic conditions has increased the aerosol load over East Africa (EA). The aerosols have had detrimental effect to the local climate, human health and environment. There is therefore need for intensive characterization of aerosols properties over different domains, especially those that have lagged behind the rest of the world, such as EA. Given this, the present study has presented a spatiotemporal analysis of total aerosol optical depth (TAOD), absorptive aerosol optical depth (AAOD), scattering aerosol optical depth (SAOD) and direct aerosol radiative forcing (DARF) aerosol characteristics together with microphysical properties at distinct spatio-temporal scales over East Africa.