School of Business and Economics


Master of Science Human Resource Management

Student’s Name : Uwambaye Cynthia

Performance is critical to the organizational and financial performance of any firm or company including manufacturing firms in Kigali, Rwanda. Most of these manufacturing firms are experiencing high employee turnover which raises a concern on the employee motivation and satisfaction at their places of work. This study therefore investigated how employee motivation (employee achievement, employee recognition, fear motivation and employee competence) influences the performance of manufacturing firms in Kigali, Rwanda, case study of Roto Ltd. The study was anchored on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, Incentive theory, and Equity theory.

Master of Science Human Resource Management

Student’s Name : Yves Irakoze

The telecommunication companies in Burundi have registered an unsatisfactory performance over the last few years and business survival for the service sectors heavily depends on the quality of human resources that an organization possesses. The rise in knowledge-based economies and the advancement in technology have made it a difficult task for organizations to keep a skilled and motivated workforce needed to ensure a competitive advantage. Studies on the influence of High-performance Work Practices on improved organizational performance have been conducted around the world. However, in Burundi, little research has been conducted to address this topic.

Master of Science Human Resource Management

Student’s Name : Wandeka Elizabeth

The general trend has been that secondary schools, under guidance of the Ministry of Education and Teachers’ Service Commission, have continuously adopted a number of Human Resource Practice standards for daily routine, in order to improve student performance. Unfortunately, in the honing process, varied life mishaps impinge on teachers’ delivery, destabilising workflow intermittently and as a result, individual wellbeing is affected and consequently, delivery to the learners.  The overall objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of workplace counselling techniques on teachers’ performance in public secondary schools in Bungoma South Sub- County.

Master of Science Human Resource Management

Student’s Name : Nancy Nafula Simiyu

The Ministry of Health in Busia County faces critical challenges in various areas,including treatment errors, patient safety, employee safety, safety climate, environmental variability, degree of competition, shortage of qualified labor, high labour turnover, inadequate resources, and high cost of employee replacement in the health sector. The aim of this study therefore was to investigate the influence of occupational safety and health practices on health service delivery among staff in the Ministry of Health Busia County, Kenya.

Master of Business Administration with IT

Student’s Name : Foni Agnes Mesiku Kalaja

Online shopping is the act of engaging with and purchasing goods, services, and other commodities from a vendor over the Internet in real-time. This component is evolving, and it was recently sparked by the Covid 19 pandemic and smartphone technology, resulting in a rise in the number of clients and business owners operating online. It is critical to recognize that online business is gradually displacing traditional markets. Customers’ safety, the quality of items offered, services, and the design of online stores in online shopping are observed to be obstacles in the current situation since today’s businesses are customer-oriented rather than seller-oriented.

Master of Business Administration with IT

Student’s Name : Muhingabire Karake Gloriose

In Rwanda, branding and market penetration by local enterprises continues to be impeded. Small and medium enterprises have inadequate knowledge of digital marketing. Digital marketing, which has become a global norm, is still in its infancy stage in Rwanda. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of the adaptability of social media networks on the performance of small and medium enterprises in Rwanda.

Master of Business Administration with IT

Student’s Name : Nyapala Joseph

The urge to achieve operational efficiency, economies of scale, competitive edge, and profit maximization by business enterprises has become a key factor of interest in the current business world. Likewise, adoption of appropriate enterprise information systems is believed to enhance transformations in business enterprises in-terms of products, process, and operations leading to firm efficiency but to no continuity. Hence, this study assesses the value gained from adopting enterprise information systems as enablers of agribusiness enterprise transformation in Kakamega County, Kenya.

Master of Business Administration with IT

Student’s Name : Mutali Marine Benard

Heightened competition in the business environment with many players seeking for market share and the ever-changing customer behavior due to changing customer needs coupled with rapid innovations in technology has led businesses to seek strategies to guard their existing clientele to avoid losing them to the competition. Automation of Customer Relationship Management systems in businesses is a key strategy of dealing with this challenge. The purpose of this study was to investigate automating of Customer Relationship Management System as a value indicator in customer service delivery in water and sanitation industry in Western Kenya.

Master in Business Administration (Finance Option)

Student’s Name : Mick Kawudha

The study’s general objective was to assess the relationship between Working Capital Management and Loan Portfolio Performance in commercial banks and microfinance institutions in Kampala, Uganda. The problem was that many reports have highlighted poor performance of financial institutions in Uganda. The average portfolio at risk, the risk coverage ratio and profitability showed a declining trend for the years 2021/2022. Issues of weak Working Capital Management and deteriorating competitive strategies have been identified as possible constraints limiting financial institutions from achieving their intended performance objectives.

Master in Business Administration (Finance Option)

Student’s Name : Dhor Margaret Kuei

Insurance firms typically make a range of investments using their assets in order to generate extra income in the form of interest, dividends, and capital gains. The majority of underwriting efforts are geared towards collecting premiums by offering insurance policies to consumers who subsequently become policyholders and pay premiums to the insurance business in return, insurance companies make money on underwriting. The insurance provider invests the cash premium it receives from consumers who purchase insurance in the financial markets in order to make a profit by compiling a portfolio of their largest client claims in order to better manage their risks.

Master in Business Administration (Finance Option)

Student’s Name : Musungu Joseph Wasula

Budget reforms happen when adjustments are done on how the government collects, allocates and spends money as per overall budget in public sector for improvement of financial performance. The study examined the effect of budget reforms on financial performance of County Government of Bungoma.

Master in Business Administration (Finance Option)

Student’s Name : Wataka Sicharani Levy

The high rocketing level of non-performing loans, in the Kenyan Money Lending Industry has been a big bottleneck to the economic success and stability. The major problem is unstable profit, which keeps on fluctuating because of default rate by customers caused by weak credit-risk mitigation practices. This has led to profit decline by 30.0 percent from 2019 to June 2020. The assets quality is deteriorating, with the ratio of non-performing loans to gross loans also rising from 12% in December 2019 to 13.1% in June 2020. This depicts some inconsistency and profitability is affected in the same way.

Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management Option)

Student’s Name : Brian Wangila Mukhongo

The broadcasting industry continues to record growth despite the numerous challenges it has encountered over the years. The performance of broadcasters has struggled with the economic implications of the digital disruption, the mobile telephony and the advent of social media compelling managers to rethink and recalibrate their strategies while radio and television stations have shut down their operations in the recent times in Kenya. The purpose of the study was to establish the influence of expansion strategies on organizational performance of broadcasters in Kenya.