Master of Information Technology

Name Reg. No Title Supervisors
Harriet Loice Tsinale MIT/004/12 A Framework for Cloud Computing Acceptance in Public Universities in Kenya
  1. Dr. Franklin Wabwoba
  2. Dr.Anselemo P. Ikoha


Cloud Computing is interrelated with a new perception for the provision of computing infrastructure and other services. Cloud Computing provides an infrastructure that is scalable, usable, virtually accessible and adjustable Information Technology resources that need not be owned by an individual but can be delivered as a service over the Internet. The purpose of this research is to develop a Cloud Computing acceptance Framework. The objectives of this study will be to determine the effect of Performance Expectancy and the influence of Cloud Risks on the acceptance to use Cloud Computing in public universities in Kenya and to develop a Cloud Computing Acceptance framework. The research will be anchored on the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT)to determine the acceptability of Cloud Computing as a new technology in public universities in Kenya.The Research design that will be used will be mixed approach. The study will take its sample population from four public universities in Kenya.The target population will be 340 respondents and will consist of 4 homogeneous stratums comprising of 10 Managers chairman of departments and relevant Deans /Directors), 97 IT (Information Technology) personnel/lecturers, 21 Administration assistants and 212 students taking IT and computer science programmes. Stratified sampling will be used to select the sample population and the sample size will be 181 respondents which were arrived at by using proportional allocation method.The research instruments that will be used are questionnaires, interviews and focus group. The reliability of the data will be arrived at by using the test-retest techniques and the internal consistence of data from the questionnaires will be computed by using the Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient. Data analysis will be done using both quantitative and qualitative methods.The research is expected to develop an acceptance framework for cloud computing adoption in universities in Kenya. This framework is likely to enhance the universities acceptance of cloud computing in a cost effective and efficient manner. The study will reveal factors that affect the acceptance of cloud computing within public universities and hence contribute to world of knowledge. The findings of the study will go a long way into informing policies with regard to cloud computing adoption.