Faraji Anduku Yatundu successfully defended his thesis entitled “Effect of Branding Strategies on Performance of Public Sugar Manufacturing Firm in Western Kenya”. His supervisors were Dr. Otiso Ntabo and Dr Wanyama Kadian. He is the first Post graduate student to successfully defend a thesis. The event that was organized by the school of graduate studies was chaired by the Dean of the graduate school, Prof. Stanley Ngome Mutsotso. Other members present in the event were, Dr. Otiso Ntabo, Dr. Wanyama Kadian, Prof. Wabwoba Franklin, Dr. Masibo Edwin, Prof. Maiyo Julius, Dr. Anselemo Ikoha, Dr. Brian Singoro and students from the departments of Business Administration and Management, Curriculum and Instruction and Information Technology. The event was organized in the school of Graduate studies Boardroom.

Successfully Defence