Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

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Nganga GodfreyMBA/008/12Effect of Organizational Capabilities on Firm Performance: Case of Nzoia Sugar Company Limited
  1. Dr.Wanyama Kadian Wanyonyi
  2. Dr. Kennedy Ntabo Otiso


Firms increasingly operate in a dynamic environment and for them to remain competitive they have to develop organizational capabilities and know-how that enable them to deal with core organizational problems. This proposal therefore, seeks to evaluate the effects of organizational capabilities on firm performance in Nzoia Sugar Company Limited. The purpose of this study will be to: determine the effects of customer service management capabilities on firm performance; examine the role of marketing capabilities in enhancement of the firms performance in Nzoia Sugar Company Limited; assess the effect of technological capabilities on the performance of the firm in Nzoia Sugar Company Limited and evaluate the role of management capabilities on firm performance in Nzoia Sugar Company Limited. The study will be based on the Resource Based View Theory. A case study and survey designs will be employed in this research. The study will target a total of 1,403 employees comprising of 790 Unionisable employees, 422 Supervisory level employees, 182 middle level management and nine top level management. Data collection instruments will comprise of questionnaires and interview schedules. Data collected will be collected and analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The results shall be presented in form of frequency tables and pie charts. The findings of this study shall be useful to the policy makers, strategists and the researcher in making informed conclusions and recommendations.