Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

NameReg. NoTitleSupervisors
Esther Munyifwa MalobaMBA/002/12Analysis of Performance Appraisal Systems on Employee Job Productivity in Public Universities
  1. Dr.Wanyama Kadian Wanyonyi
  2. Prof S. N. Mutsotso


Effective performance appraisal systems lead to motivated and strategic management of staff and implementation of the organization’s strategic plan. The Universities appraisal system is meant to enhance the performance of employees by integrating an individual’s goal with those of the organization. It entails objective setting, self-appraisal and feedback on performance and performance evaluation itself. Despite the Universities Management having an appraisal system, performance in public universities in the country remains relatively poor. More specifically, the purpose of the study therefore is to analyze performance appraisal systems on employee job productivity in public universities. The objectives of the study are to determine the effect of self-assessment on the performance of employees in public universities, examine the effect of performance appraisal training on employee productivity in public universities, evaluate the extent to which the level of fairness affects the performance appraisal systems in public universities and establish the effect of communication on performance appraisal in public universities. The research will employ survey research design which will be carried out in four universities namely Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Maseno University, Moi University and JaramogiOgingaOdinga University of Science and Technology. The target population will consist of 11,300 employees and four Registrars (Administration). Purposive sampling will be used to select the four universities and four Registrars (Administration). Data collection instruments will comprise of questionnaires and interview schedules. The validity of the instruments will consist of content and face validity and the researcher will use a Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient of 0.70 when testing the reliability of the research instruments. Data collected shall be coded and analyzed using descriptive statistical tools and regression analysis. The results shall be presented in form of tables, pie charts and in narrative form. The findings shall guide the author in making informed conclusion and recommendations. The significance of the study is assist scholars bolster their knowledge in the area of performance appraisal. The research findings will help institutions in planning purposes for their day to day matters of recruitment and staff development.